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    I've been playing Bioware games for a long time now, going back as far as Baldurs Gate and right up to Dragon Age 2. The thing that irks me about ME3 is that there didn't appear to be any consideration put in to the ending. I had put in the hours, completed every mission, granted I didn't touch the multiplayer, and generally fulfilled all the requirements and then ended up with the same choices from Deus Ex....

    Even the most recent DE had the decency to give different alternatives which were all played through the minute the credits finished rolling. With this it was a serious letdown.

    I'd selected my least favorite characters for the final mission, just in case my best mate Garrus or my LI Ashley both took a bullet on the final assault. Yet to add insult to.injury, during the crappy cutscene at the end it appears that James and my beloved are the Adam and eve on a planet which to me appeared to bear a striking resemblance to the planet you find Jacobs father on in ME2!

    Good luck with ME4...

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