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    I love the indoctrination theory, if it were true. However, sadly it's so vague that there is no way of knowing and personally, I don't think it's a suitable ending to a game that has never dabbled in such things before. I mean, round of applause if Bioware did something like that in the middle, but you don't turn that into an ending. Mass Effect has always been straight forward about what has been going on. Why do a bit on indoctrination now? And after finishing a triology, don't you think we deserve a more clear answer than we've been given? The current one is so vague, that none of us can be absolutely sure. What if you're not smart enough to get this obscure arthouse stuff? And how did the crucible fire if you were never there? Why is Joker running away?
    No, this just gives us more speculation. I want absolute closure on everything after 100+ hours spend. Closure that reflects my choices.

    Your last post is absolutely spot on!


    Yes, my storychoices made an appearance, but don't you see it's all smoke and mirrors? Appearance yes, but no impact. Mordin is replaced by Padok Wikis. Wrex is replaced by Reav. The dialogue alters slightly. These are not the "rise and fall of civilizations". No matter wether I cured the genophage or not, everything just ends up the same. The Krogan never got to profit and my choices are nullified. We hardly find out what happens to our friends. Yes they make a cameo appearance, but that says nothing about their ultimate fate. We were had. And why do I need to go with any kind of choice? Where's the freedom after all the hard work? In a game like Mass Effect, where it is claimed that Shep's Legacy is mine, I don't have to do jack. Don't box me into certain endings!

    [Quote]That only happens depending on the ending you choose and your final war assets. You can save the entire galaxy and have the mass relays intact.

    It's not the game's fault you chose the bad ending. [/Quote]

    How can you be sure? The CGI clearly shows how the relay shatters. (They even botched that up.) And besides, do you know what happens afterwards? No, you don't. It's just "implied". You really haven't invested as much as some of us do. We want to see the rise and fall of the civilizations we had a hand in. Bioware just forces us to use our own imagination while I payed them to tell me a story. I mean, I can come up with my own endings, but only if I ignored the last 10 minutes of the game.

    For a second, just lean back and imagine what Bioware COULD have done. They could have made us a CGI showing the Krogan civilization flourishing. We could have a little text ending telling us that we lived happily with our love interest, if we survived at all. Earth could become leaders of the galaxy living on a blue jewel or despised bullies on a ruined planet. The Krogan could have become heroes under Wrex, or the Krogan could unleash another galactic war under Reave. The quarians could have re-enslaved the geth or face extinction themselves happy or painful.
    The implications are staggering, it was what Bioware alludes to and yet, they touch NONE of it. Use some creativity. Think of the possibilities.

    They simply threw in the towel. There's nothing smart or deep about this solution. They simply realized the work involved doing something of a proper job like with Dragon Age's ending and went for this. This, after a triology I invested about 400 hours in across 8 characters.

    We're not so much upset the that the ending let us down, we're upset that potential was wasted and the infered marketing didn't come through.

    Look at it this way: The game has ZERO replay value. Even a single one of my characters can unlock all shown endings, regardless of what they did. What does that tell you?
    Simple: There's just one ending with extremely similar animations, that reflects none of my choices at face value.

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