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    I completely agree with your last post. The last two sequels didn't have that many real choices that impacted anything, so why the hell am I bitching about it now?

    If you put it like that, I am a self-entitled heckler. I grant you that.

    However, to my defence:
    1. They did strongly imply that my choices would matter to the ending. That was their advertisement.
    2. They COULD have put in more work.

    I admire your ability to see it like that.

    To that end, I strongly disagree with you that this makes me entitled and that I can't do a damn thing about it. No, what I can do is be a responsible consumer and tell them that this isn't what I expected. I can tell them that their advertisement had the wrong effect on my person and that this isn't acceptable. This will hurt all further claims of Bioware being fond of storyline, in my case.


    Right now, I'm doing the only thing left to me. I'm doing the thing I should do. We have a capitalist right to protest.

    I think it will work. Not as much as making things profitable for them since I already bought their product, but at least I'm not taking this lying down and there are tens of thousands with me on that. That's gotta be hard to ignore when core fans start attacking your reputation. Besides, if I make it clear that I am willing to buy proper ending DLC through the intensity of our combined outrage, they might recognize they can still make money off of me.

    And yes, I bought Witcher 2. In fact, I mailed them 50 euros directly to their headquarters, so smitten was I. That's because I regretted not buying CE and instead, nicking a copy from my soon-to-be-broke gamestore for 25 quid. It too had a dissapointing ending, but the amount of choice was excellent and I have high hope for Witcher3.

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