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    Henni_playd wrote:
    Playing ME2 again to get some different choices going. Inflitrator *sigh* it's fucking tedious. Anyway, I'm asking the guard about the fish in the artificial lake, and I get a very interesting answer.

    Doesn't stop the fact that control and synthesis don't seem to really work as choices, and are improperly set up. Even if you chose geth over quarian, and to encourage EDI. You made EDI feel like an individual. That presupposes distinctiveness. The whole DNA thing just doesn't make sense. So a green beam goes out and organics get synthetic dna. And synthetics get, erm, ah... er....

    Wait, shit.

    Everybody has different DNA. Even individuals within the same race. No suprise there.

    What I find especally incongreous about the hole synthetic-organic thing, is that the ending goes in the face of what you hoped to achieve.

    You make piece between Quarian and Geth.
    You tell EDI about the joys of organic life.
    And as a paragon, you celebrate the diversity of the universe.

    So, with the best ending green beam, you accept the fact that there will always be war between synthetic and organic, there is no difference between them and you choose to destroy diversity.

    It..., the ending shouldn't make any sense to any rational person. And only if you're not bothered by logic, can you enjoy it.
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