#8531441, By Naster Mass Effect 3 *SPOILERS THREAD*

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    I though the color coding made perfect sense. Blue is the "fall in line" option of letting yourself become indoctrinated, red is the "fight the system!" option of not listening to the lies of the reapers, fighting them off violently. The illusive man is shown picking blue because he represents Shepard's machine side, Anderson is shown choosing red because he represents Shepard's human side. The colors never stood for good and evil, it's always been paragon and renegade.

    And by the way, the dead bodies Shepard sees littering the corridors of what seems to be the Citadel are not real but just projections of Shepard's subconscious, probably symbolizing all the death Shepard has seen during his journey and the desperation that Shepard is feeling inside.
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