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    First, thanks for taking the time to reply to me Naster. It tells me you are willing to defend your internet point and to me that's a sign of sincerity and intelligence. I've already replied on your article comments, but let me do that here to your more elaborate reply too.

    The majority of us protesters hope that the indoc theory is true and that Bioware use it on their way to coming up with something new. In fact, it has become somewhat of our banner.

    Why we're not letting up if it is true, is because several counterpoints can be made (see AngryJoe) and because the indoctrination theory isn't really an ending in my book. If true, Shepard has just been blasted by Reapers and we're not even sure if the antagonists who have been driving forth the story across three games, are even defeated. The story's premise isn't resolved.
    Also, this doesn't give us much room to decide the ending for ourselves either. It's horribly Ironic. 5 out of 6 endings would simply not be real and the one where Shepard takes a breath, implies that the reapers have not even be destroyed yet.

    Now, I'm sensing that you are fine with this ending, calling it a fitting cliffhanger. This is an opinion that I can respect and it is indeed a cleverly done piece. I'm with you there.

    However and in my defence, this is barely the closure we sought, were promised and it's odd Bioware would do this at the end of its triology, instead of somewhere in the middle.

    For now however, it's clear we see eye to eye, with the exception in a difference of tast. Thank you for engaging me.
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