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    SomaticSense wrote:
    First off, Shepard dying is fine. In fact I felt that was about the only way it could've gone, what with the focus on sacrifices and whatnot throughout the series. Shephard acting the martyr was perfect.
    Not really. The focus is just as much on overcoming the impossible thanks to proper preparation and planning. Y'know, the "suicide" mission where no-one dies and the collectors get their collective shit ruined.

    There's nothing in the narrative that demands the death of Shepard at the end. (unlike, for instance, in Mordin's story, where Mordin's sacrifice is dramatically necessary as an ending to his arc).

    Sure, some of the endings should have led to Shepard's death, but it's not dramatically necessary as the ending to Mass Effect.

    This is a good critique of the ending.
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