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    SomaticSense wrote:
    I just felt it was appropiate to my Shepard and his 'success at all costs' attitude. It might've been less so for some other people's playthroughs, but it made perfect sense for mine, especially after the touching goodbye with Garrus where he said he'd be looking down on him if Garrus made it through alive and Shep didn't.

    Besides, the suicide mission was exactly that for some people. Not everyone had a playthrough where everyone made it through in one piece. Put it this way, I really missed Tali in this game...
    Yes, it was appropriate for some people, but that's rather the problem, isn't it? An ending that's only appropriate for some of a wide range of possible stories the trilogy could have told (using very slight variations in the plot it is possible to have many different stories) is really not good enough.
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