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    disusedgenius wrote:
    I have no idea what more of a resolution you could give*. that what the last chats with everyone was for, surely? And I'm not really sure what lessons and themes you got out of the last hour apart from 'Banshees really kill any of the fun out of this shooting section'.

    * slight exaggeration, admittedly. It was a bit light, but not that light. You had plenty of time to say last goodbyes before the last push.
    Well, you could start by not undoing everything that had been done in the galaxy to that point.

    It's quite simple, the destruction of the Mass Relays is a Singularity event, an event which is such a radical change that it is not possible to use any information obtained before it to predict anything which comes after it.

    There is no closure or resolution because the ending sideswipes the whole plot off the road and into a ditch. All the things that had happened during Mass Effect 3 that were supposed to be resolutions to ongoing plot threads (Genophage, Geth, etc) are rendered suddenly and spectacularly moot because they no longer have any consequences that it is possible to predict based on your knowledge of the Mass Effect universe.

    All of the ways Shepard has affected the lives of anyone she has ever met have, with that one storytelling act, suddenly ceased to have any consequences that the player can predict or anticipate.

    The only stories that have "closure" in Mass Effect now are the stories of the dead, because their stories were over before you rendered all possible future narratives impossible to predict based on past narrative.
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