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    disusedgenius wrote:
    Incidentally, I don't see what the big beef is with Shepard/Catalyst conversation at the end is (beyond the under-par dialogue, I mean). The entire plot has resolved about getting to the point where the Crucible can be set off. What's s/he going to do - go back downstairs and leave everyone to get killed by the Reapers?
    The plot has revolved around saving everyone from certain death at the space-tentacles of the Reapers.

    The solutions provided are rather like curing a cancer patient by chopping his head off. Sure, you're not worried about the cancer any more, but there's this wee side effect... (NB: This holds true even if you accept that the space magic makes the relays explode "harmlessly", you still destroyed all galactic trade, communication, politics, etc, cutting off many colony worlds from supply entirely, and plunged the galaxy into a dark age from which it will almost certainly never recover since no-one knows how to replicate the thing you just smashed.)
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