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    But that doesn't mean they can't work. In a world free of the reapers, whatever ending you choose, the organic races face an uphill struggle but it's their struggle. They are no longer building their existence on the back of technology built by the reapers. They have to do things the hard way. Also leaves open the possibility of a universe that is smaller in size in terms of where the action is, but packed with different species- provided you did not choose synthesis.
    This is the equivalent of the Germans tearing up the Autobahns after WWII, just because the Nazis built them. It's nonsensical bullshit.

    The endings don't please the fans because they're actually objectively bad, inconsistent with the themes of the game, inconsistent with the tone of the game, inconsistent with the structure of the series, and jam packed with plot holes and last minute introductions. They are, in short, a masterclass in "how not to write an ending".
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