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    GiarcYekrub wrote:
    I disagree, the ending was very clever, too clever it seems. Apparently they misjudged a vocal minority who want everything spoon fed. Its the same people that gets stuff like Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone, renamed. I bet when the new Total Recall comes out it will have a clear ending to appease all the morons that lack imagination.
    No, actually it wasn't. Trying to denigrate people who says "this sucked" by saying "well obviously you just didn't get it" has never made you look intelligent, especially when you don't offer your own explanation that indicates that you extracted meaning from it.

    Plot holes in the ending do not confer depth via deliberate obfuscation, they just mean your writers are too dumb to read the story they're writing an ending for.

    California Literary Review

    Normally, I’d find it wrong to support consumer demand altering authorial intent just to fit the vociferous opinion. Except in this case, the authors simply aren’t justified by the “statement” made. Aside from being a hackneyed mess of bad ideas running counter to everything this series has stood for, the sheer tonal shift prevents absorption for someone paying attention – the inability to convey intent is the definition of failed art.
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