#8542434, By GloatingSwine Mass Effect 3 *SPOILERS THREAD*

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    GiarcYekrub wrote:
    There aren't any plot holes IMO, people are infering them for some unknown reason.
    Yes there fucking are:

    Why are your crew on the Normandy?

    Where is the Normandy going?

    How did Anderson get onto the Citadel before Shepard?

    The explanation for the Reapers' actions is fucking stupid, and is inconsistent with Sovereign's description of himself and the Reapers in the original game, and is inconsistent with the Geth plotline which spanned three games.

    If you don't realise that these are gigantic rifts in the presentation of the end of Mass Effect 3 as an individual game and as the end of trilogy, then you simply have not been paying attention.

    It is doubly ironic that you are now accusing others of not "getting it".
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