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    Scimarad wrote:
    I thought he was being sarcastic TBH. He was saying that the theme of ME totally WASN'T about synthetics rising up against organics but that the ending made it all about that. That's how I read it, anyway.

    It definitely needed an 'option 4' at the end which was "Hey! Hold on just a second, can't we talk about this? We're all getting on fine now, thanks to your hired thugs! Also, GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR GALAXY!!"
    Yes, they copied so much of the rest of the setup from Babylon 5, they should really have copied the payoff as well.

    (and yes, I am saying that "synthetics rise up against organics" is not the theme of Mass Effect, because we find out that the only time that happened it was actually totally the fault of organics. And therefore an ending which attempts to portray that as the reason we have come to this place is wholly inappropriate).

    If you want to know what I felt the themes of Mass Effect were, they were about putting aside old conflicts or ending them decisively (Krogan/Turian, Geth/Quarian) and the denying worst aspects of our own natures (Cerberus' self destructive methods of "advancing" humanity), and the implicit link between self determination and life, no matter whether that life was organic or synthetic (Multiple instances of indoctrination, especially Saren's character arc and it's reprise with TIM, the Geth, Edi's character arc).

    The ending wholly ignores the first two of those themes, as your efforts to unite the galaxy and defeat Cerberus go wholly unrecognised as anything other than a number which determines which colour of space magic you can choose from, and the the last is contradicted entirely (you must either enslave the Reapers, abrogate self determination for all life everywhere by forcing synthesis on them, or commit genocide for loosely explained reasons).
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