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    You can also do that in Mass Effect 3, of course, but then not five minutes later the game tells you that the villain was actually right.

    You said yourself that the starchild was provably wrong. Now you're changing your mind?
    I was referring to TIM there.

    And yes, the point is that although as an audience we can prove the Catalyst wrong, the narrative considers him to be unquestionably right, because there is no way in the narrative to say "you are wrong", defy his very premise (that there is a problem requiring a solution), and choose none of his solutions.

    If it is trivial for the audience to see the flaws in your reasoning yet the characters never address them, it's because you're a bad writer.

    They're only different because the player has projected those motivations onto their character
    The whole point of Shepard as a blank character whose interactions we choose is to allow this to happen.

    And it only "becomes a problem" in concluding the plot if the writer sucks. After all, Planescape: Torment managed it quite ably, having multiple possible conclusions with wide variation reflecting the multiple answers the player could choose to its central question.
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