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    morriss wrote:
    Oh right. I chose Paragon all the way.

    I wonder what Joker and EDI's green skin meant? I wonder if the green planet is actually heaven, or something. Shep's synthesis paradise.

    Still gutted I couldn't be with Liara.

    Oh morriss, I just love your slow transition.

    - I'm fine with the ending! What's all this about?

    - Sad I couldn't be with Liare though
    - They did introduce the kid at the last moment
    - I wonder what these things meant? Joker's green skin?
    - Is there really that little difference in endings?
    - The bullet wound made no sense
    - Hey, I just read about the indoc theory. That sounds cool.

    Give it another day. Put more thought into it. Let it ferment. Think about what they could have done.

    Before long, you'll not be fine with the ending and dissapointed along with the rest of us. Maybe not in an uproar, but just sad.

    Also, watch this when you're getting closer to that stage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M0Cf864P7E
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