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    I think there are lots of other bad things about ME3, not just the ending.

    I found the exploration tedious. Maybe it was the controls or the shooter type level design, or the lighting, or the lack of music or the slightly glitchy selection thingy. I don't know but it wasn't fun for me and I really enjoyed this in KOTOR.

    The journal/mission system was terrible. I missed bits because of this and also I think it drastically affected the way I played the game and the pacing, that and thenů

    The loading, so much loading.

    Some of the cut scenes made me laugh, like Thane and his wobbly foot Kung Fu or Joker on the Normandy, I thought that he was going to fly into the air howling with his bum on fire at one point.

    Kai Lang in general (even Cyrax from MK3 would laugh at him).

    I suppose I most enjoyed the events, the talking, the cut scenes and the idea of it all more than a lot of the actual playing. I hate shooters though, which I suppose might be a bit of a problem.
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