#8504262, By Nikator How often do you finish games?

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    I'm a bit of a stickler with finishing games, i'm also worried (i'm a late-comer to this gen) that achievements and platinum trophies will begin to haunt my dreams. I've gotten to a stage of Skyrim now where I am almost playing to complete it, rather than appreciating it anymore.
    A game has to be awful for me to give up, as generally I dedicate a long first play session to get into something so that I know I like it there and then. Make sure its quiet, have drinks and food ready, no distractions, phone off etc and dive in.
    The game that bugged me the most though was FF8, I could never beat the final boss as a child so ended up coming back to it just a couple of years ago purely to kick her ass- just kept nagging at me.

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