#8511709, By David_Richardson Gamerscore has been reset, from 64000 to zero!!

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    Funny how people here are abusing this thread like theyre any cooler.. Guarantee most people giving the shit are those weirdos with long greasy hair in black leather coats we saw queing outside the expo.

    Id be pissed if my gs was wiped.
    Thankfully my playing games isn't linked to arbitrary measures of success linked to achievements.
    Just arbitrary measures of success set by the developer then.
    I'm not sure that even this is the case.

    Do you mean that if I play a game, and I get from the 'beginning' to the 'end', that the developer has somehow inflicted upon me an arbitrary playstyle that I would otherwise have been free from?

    Don't the developers set the achievements, anyway?

    I can't deny that I often play games in the way they've been designed by the developers, but short of forcing myself to replay the first level over and over again, or rebelliously failing missions and levels, or not meeting in-game goals so that I don't conform to the evil development team's wicked expectations of my playstyle, how can I avoid this?
    You can't. But trying to pretend that the Achievement meta-game is somehow less important than the more traditional achievements found in games (completing a level, beating a boss) is just bizarre. Gamers mark their success in different ways. Some like to 100% a game (an arbitrary measure of success) and other like to 100% achievements (ditto). Broaden your perspective enough and every aspect of gaming becomes a waste of time, so surely it comes down to how the individual enjoys spending their time while playing?
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