#8511779, By David_Richardson Gamerscore has been reset, from 64000 to zero!!

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    agparrot wrote:
    I have long thought that gaming, at a meta enough level, is about pressing plastic buttons, or in the Brave New Gaming World, jumping about a bit.

    I don't think it is necessary to pretend that Achievements are less important than the traditional 'reward achievements' found in games. Clearly, they aren't as important. You might not share this view, but achievements are predominantly not integrated naturally into the gameplay experience. Occasionally you'll find a 'good' achievement that might offer you an experience you wouldn't have thought of getting from the game, but far too often they're just about spending extended amounts of time in repetitive activity, beyond that which the game itself already offers.

    Then they give you some imaginary points for it. Why would it matter if these points were taken away?
    There are poor implementations of achievements and good implementations, just like there are well developed games and poorly developed ones. When the achievement system is used correctly it can enhance an already great game or improve a less impressive one. Poor achievements aren't a reason to write off the system as a whole.

    Also, achievements and gamerscore are different. I like achievements, but I'm not concerned with the gamerpoints linked to them. Some people are, however, and given both have been lost in this incident I can understand why there is some annoyance. It's like losing a save game.
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