#8511859, By David_Richardson Gamerscore has been reset, from 64000 to zero!!

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    Aargh. wrote:
    David_Richardson wrote:
    Aargh. wrote:
    And if you think getting to the end of a game is an 'arbitrary measure of success' then you've missed the whole point of 90% of games.

    It's like thinking that sitting through a 2 hour film is a success rather than the reward.
    So if a player enjoys messing around in a sandbox game but never attempts to further the story, are they also missing the point of what they should be doing? I assumed the point of games was to have fun?
    Unless there has been a sudden influx of sandbox games then my 90% of games still stands.
    Oh, so people are allowed to define their own fun in sandbox games but no other type? What about those that play multiplayer titles without ever touching the accompanying single player? Last I looked online gaming was still booming.
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