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    agparrot wrote:
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    Aargh. wrote:
    And if you think getting to the end of a game is an 'arbitrary measure of success' then you've missed the whole point of 90% of games.

    It's like thinking that sitting through a 2 hour film is a success rather than the reward.
    So if a player enjoys messing around in a sandbox game but never attempts to further the story, are they also missing the point of what they should be doing? I assumed the point of games was to have fun?
    It just seems like you are arguing against yourself here, David_.

    A lot of the messing around I do in sandbox games, or in any games for that matter, isn't rewarded by achievements or gamerscore. A lot of that same messing around has nothing to do with whether I'm progressing in a linear way through the 'arbitrary' narrative of a game, whatever kind of sandbox world it is set in.

    I can't get my head around how losing Achievements or Gamerscore can be compared to losing a save game, even if I try and imagine that there is some parallel between making progress in games and being awarded Achievements for doing it.
    The reason you can't get your head around it is because you don't enjoy that aspect of gaming. I enjoy music but I don't enjoy going to see artists live. However, I can fully appreciate why people see value in it and wouldn't belittle those that choose to do so.

    This isn't aimed at you directly, but there is a nasty air of elitism on this site. Anything that doesn't fit the traditional, pure form of gaming is mocked and looked down upon. The guy who started this thread wasn't being confrontational in the slightest, but his thread has been inundated with people who have no interest in achievements and have used it as an opportunity to belittle him. Anonymity does strange things to people.

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