#8526609, By Psiloc CFW PSP Go + TV Out + PS3 Controller

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    Bit late to this party, but I got a PSP Go in the GAME firesale for 50 and am trying to turn it into a nice thrifty home console. At the moment I have a little PC in my living room for my retro needs, but using Windows as a 10 feet interface is such a nightmare I rarely use it.

    So a CFW PSP Go seemed like a great idea, since it has an interface that works well at 10 feet as well as good emulator support. But I've just finished ordering what I need and setting it all up and have hit a snag: everything except the XMB and PS1 games runs in a tiny window in the middle of the screen.

    I'm guessing this is because the PSP doesn't have any additional horsepower to scale the image to a TV-size resolution, but because my telly can only stretch the image vertically I can't think of anything I can do about it. About all I can think of is some sort of post processing hardware to scale the image before it reaches the telly but that sounds expensive.

    Has anyone else used the Go like this and encountered the same issue? Did you just live with it or is there a simple workaround I've missed?
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