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    bitch_tits_zero_nine wrote:
    The Dead Weather - horehound.

    I hope it's good. I heard Treat Me Like Your Mother on BBC 2's Glastonbury coverage a few years ago and it blew me away. Bought the album used off Amazon for a couple of quid and it has just arrived.
    It is good very, in fact. Better than the Raconteurs and as good as the best material from the Stripes for me. For the most part it's a thundering rock and roll album that flirts with different genres to much success. It was a surprise treat when it first came out as I wasn't expecting much as the rather limp Raconteurs made me dubious about Jack White in a super group, but I'm glad I was proven wrong as I love it.

    Heard this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlvBQZB3h-4 on the Radio today at work and forgot what a massive tttttuuunnnneee it was. I put it straight on when I got home and Ive been raving ever since (and by that I mean listening to it seated while perusing the internet and drinking a cup of tea). RAVE ON!!

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