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    I actually find it easier to motivate myself working out at home as if you miss a few sessions at a gym then it's harder to get over the inertia hump and get back there - especially if you've slid back a little in terms of ability / gains / strength.

    I reckon dumbells, a bench and a chinup bar will cover a lot of options. (and / or a barbell and a bench of sorts if you have space). As others have said, get a simple solid routine with a few key lifts and try to increase the weight a little every session or week.

    I have trouble motivating myself with cardio so invested in a treadmill that can remain vertical when not in use so that it dictates my pace and I don't slow down. Also tabata protocol on a treadmill is an awesome and quick workout.

    Of course the paunch will mainly be a diet thing...
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