#8554678, By samk Lone Survivor - side-scrolling psychological horror

  • samk 29 Mar 2012 23:43:04 703 posts
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    I bought it and the first half hour was absolutely terrific. Really great atmosphere, and very intriguing.

    Now I'm utterly stumped with no idea where to go and my reward for making no progress is being penalised by the game.

    I've entered a room with "NO OTHER SOLUTION..." on the wall. Either I'm an idiot, or the solution is incredibly obscure.

    I've been wandering around for half an hour wondering what the fuck I'm meant to be doing and the game is now penalising me by telling me I need food every few minutes, shortly thereafter killing me because I've got no food left. Thanks very fucking much. This really is a very questionable design decision.

    So, impressions after an hour's play; definitely a labour of love by the creator, but he should have got more people to play it during development and sat behind them to see bits they didn't understand.
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