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    monnique wrote:
    I seems to be nice phone. Do you recommend it?
    Yes! I'm really happy with the One X+ so far. I was initially concerned about battery life, but unless I'm really hammering it the battery easily lasts a full day. Only once has the indicator gone amber on me when I've been out and about and that was a trip to the new velodrome in Glasgow where I'd been rattling off loads of pictures.

    The only thing that bugs me about it so far is that there's a big step between two volume levels. It was the same on my previous phone, but it seems worse on this one and it's annoyance because it's either too quiet or just that little bit too loud.

    I could compensate for this with my music by using MP3Gain to normalise it at a set level, but for the most part I've been listening to Music Unlimited play lists or audiocasts, so I don't have that option.

    I'm sure this can be sorted with a software update, though, so it's pretty minor compared to how good the hardware is over all.
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