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    This level of gpu nerdery, get a PC, ffs.

    As per the first post, it'll be a hyped up low/mid level card with less than optimal ram. I like my consoles, will be getting both offerings for the exclusives, but I mainly wanna see better textures in PC games so the new consoles can't come soon enough. Dishonoured is a great game, really quite awesome art design and looks great overall but maaaan there's some textures that look 10 year old. Says it all how badly consoles are holding back pcs that my two year old gtx 580 STILL runs virtually everything max detail, 1440p at 60fps (or close enough that I barely notice). Not exactly complaining, but still, talk of the PS4 being sprinkled with pixie dust is like the blokes at work who go on about "the power of the Playstation", gah.

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