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    EuroStalker wrote:
    Sony have provided more value for money this gen than Microsoft.
    Bah, I'm still bitter about my launch US bc 60gb ylod'ing. Pointless getting it fixed in the knowledge it'd go again. Replaced it with a UK 40gb, ylo'd after 18 months, Sony offered to fix it for 130, get fucked. Looking back I really ought to have got the sale of goods act blah blah involved but never bothered. Pathetic. At least my Slim is still going strong. Value for money, I think not. You could argue I didn't have to replace them, but a back catalogue of games and a few BD's says otherwise.

    MS fessed up, they replaced 3 of my 360's, the third was out of extended warranty and they sent me an Elite! Stellar customer right there, 4 day turn around on all the replacements too. That's value for money.

    As for games, purely down to taste. Had exponentially more fun with my 360, but again, personal preference.

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