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    Pepsipop wrote:
    Also in the past the Xbox had better exclusives and better ports. This is all balanced now but too much too late
    I bought at launch 'cos I'm a spendthrift, but otherwise agree with your entire post. There's been some great exclusives and for years it performed brilliantly as my media hub, but those first few years were woeful, just woeful, compared to the 360. Like you say, all balanced now, boils largely down to which 1st party stuff you prefer. 360 by a mile for me, the added bonus being largely better multiplatform releases. Sorry SDF! Do I REALLY sound like I hate Sony given I've bought 3xPS3's! The whole thing about the PS3 powering ahead in it's later years was lost on me when I bought a PC 2 years ago, virtually every PS360 release since has seemed low res and flakey.

    One thing I still love about the PS3, and that seems to get a slating, is the XMB. Simple, quick and effective and hasn't changed for the sake of change. The 360 dash has steadily become an utter shambles over the years. Aside from background downloading and the ability to install games, every update has made it steadily worse. I shudder to think how advertising focussed the next Xbox will be since it'll be baked in from the start.

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