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    Dirtbox wrote:
    Bremenacht wrote:
    Can I ask -at least while vizzini is off being recharged- why Sony is 'fucked'?
    Because they aren't using the cell.

    In fact, they're in the strongest position they've ever been in regarding the box. Relatively non-expensive parts means they won't be making a huge loss with each unit and an easier development cycle for their devs, meaning they won't have to fuck around endlessly trying to get the pointlessly convoluted architecture to dance to their tune.

    Sony itself is screwed though, only their financial division makes money, the rest has been operating at a loss for 10 years now and their market cap has slipped by over 40 billion in that time, he's not talking about that though, he seems to believe that Sony only make playstations.
    Well on way to making profit so on right track. Wonder if building sale is to offset PS4 launch

    Seems they are after numerous revenue streams
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