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    Syrette wrote:
    atomicjuicer wrote:
    Sony isn't the problem with gaming. Gamers are.

    /Points at vita
    Please elaborate.
    The vita is a classic example of a company making all the right choices for the customer and the customer not giving a fuck.

    They invested for the last time in studio Liverpool who delivered the greatest wipeout game ever (was always a console seller but not this time).
    They had a brilliant uncharted game out for launch too.
    They didn't go with crappy design (like the pspgo sliding thing)
    They gave gamers what they wanted - second analogue stick (no other portable console achieved this and it's a crucial gameplay element).
    They subsidized the console cost. (At least I think so anyway)
    They have digital and physical games on par (same day launches etc.)
    It integrates pretty well with existing Sony tech and has decent backwards compatability (remote play, cross control, ps1 and psp games)
    They had good third party support front loaded for launch (except consumers held off buying, expecting to have to wait for the games even though they all came out practically day one).

    It's probably the best console launch for consumers ever (not ridiculously expensive hardware, apps and fully fledged titles ready to go, good features and improvements over previous generation) and cross game chat over a free multiplayer network.

    The cards were expensive due to anti-piracy features (psp was killed by piracy so you can't blame them - this was also a choice made to ensure developer support).

    They probably couldn't afford to market it because they put all the budget into making it a good console with good games.

    It even has ps plus now. What the hell else could they have done?

    I've bought about 20 games on vita and wish I could support it myself because everyone else seems to be blind..

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