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    Doesn't matter how good the PS4 hardware is, Sony will still fuck it up with a patching system shat from the flaccid arse of the new work experience kid. Idiots.

    I'll be interested to see how the RAM thing plays out though, if true. 4GB of fast vs. 8GB of slower. My gut tells me I'd rather have more, always, so I'd like to see what they come up with to justify the decision. Unless they're planning on switching massively high res assets around very frequently (something you wouldn't need to do if you just, y'know, had more RAM) I'm struggling to see the logic. That said, if MS are pumping 3GB+ of their 8GB into some fucking abortion of a Kinect infested OS then they can get fucked too.

    Actually, that just leaves the Wii U or the SteamBox. I might as well just top myself now. Oh wait, no, I can just go back to full time PC gaming. Rejoice!
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