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    Dirtbox wrote:
    darkmorgado wrote:
    vizzini wrote:
    Spending less than £500 on a CD player was the solution to that problem, not a better stylus. Much like a (HD or even SD) ray-tracing console is the solution to be able to “market” and “sell” a PS4 to the masses, and breath new WoW into gaming.
    Christ, you're still chasing the idea that real time ray-tracing is viable are you?

    You really are deluded.
    Are you just going to go through the thread, cherry picking the responses to his posts that have already been made, reword and repost them? Fuck yourself in the skull with a shotgun barrel, mongo.
    I was reading the stuff I'd missed from this morning. No need to be such a passive-aggressive prick Dirtbox. And it's lovely how precious you're getting over "your" thread considering you love to go and derail those made by other people.

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