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    @Dirtbox For me it’s the opposite. I have both PS3 and the 360 and towards the end of this generation I'm leaning towards the Playstation. Yes it has had its problems and there are some annoyances with the console, like the HDD installs and updates taking ages when you want to play a game, but I feel as a gamer Sony are offering more to me at the moment. I’m fed up with how Microsoft treat their customers, the awful Metro dashboard update, the rubbish bordering on insulting ‘reward’ schemes, the insistence on pushing Kinect on us, the diminishing value for money of XBLG, and less focus on exclusive content.

    For all their faults at least Sony are still creating 1st party games or are supporting exclusive original content and have an excellent paid online service in PS Plus, that actually rewards you with the rental of full games (apparently 39 a year). Where’s Microsoft’s equivalent? Gold, which you need to use their apps like Netflix/Lovefilm and even IE. For me anyway, Microsoft have been busy burning bridges with the core that helped make them what they are and shown that the support we have given them is only worth 'pennies' to them in some shitty rewards scheme.

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