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    SparkyMarky81 wrote:
    Dirtbox wrote:
    SparkyMarky81 wrote:
    Dirtbox wrote:
    SparkyMarky81 wrote:
    It was aimed at the 'core' gamer which is what I thought people wanted, seeing as MS seem to be going after a more mainstream market.
    Facebook is what the core gamers are interested in?
    Well, you can choose to dwell on that, but what about better graphics, more ram, better network?

    You are being very negative.
    Had that for over a decade with my PC. I'm negative because I'm seeing nothing that hasn't been around for years.
    What exactly did you expect or want from it?

    They are hardly likely to come up with a completely radical architecture that outperforms highly specced gaming PCs.
    There is nothing on this earth that they could have done to make Dirtbox positive about it.
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