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    Emualting a system's always possible, DRM excluded - that's what makes a computer different to any other machine - it's a general purpose machine. Only question is how difficult it is to reverse engineer the thing (not applicable for Sony/MS), and how much extra power and reduced latency you need to make up for differences in design. To be, if Sony were planning this move, they could have done a lot more to make it easy IMO, but then I didn't know that Sony were testing software to check it only accesses the hardware via their APIs.

    I'm also not aware of Sony's PS2 emulator. I'm sure they have one in house, but I didn't think they'd announced anything regarding the PS4. And I've not been following Gaikai at all, but assuming it's anything like Onlive, that's effectively a black box system, and you've no idea what actual hardware is at the other end.
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