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  • Deleted user 12 June 2013 09:01:32
    vizzini wrote:
    And you overlook that it is a paywall (mandatory sub)to access basic services that have been historically free on all other open and closed platforms(prior to the dreamcast) because they are usually part hosted on the client hardware and paid in advance by the cost of the game development budget. If your argument was valid, then things would have been this way from the start on all games platforms since online gaming was first provided; but they didn't.
    It's not a paywall. It's not a mandatory sub. The Earth is not flat.

    As per usual, you construct the weakest of conclusions from the thinnest straw you can find.

    I saw the Dreamcast setup, before it went to the skips. Lots of expensive kit; expensive support; expensive hosting. That's the reality of your 'historically free'. Then again, you've got fine form in championing failed ventures.
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