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    Aretak wrote:
    Ron_Justice wrote:
    Not played The Last of Us then?
    The odd game here and there shoehorning it in for a brief, pointless gimmick doesn't make it relevant in my eyes. Flower remains the only PS3 game I've played that made any decent use of SIXAXIS as a core gameplay mechanic.
    I don't think I'd describe the implementation in TLoU as Shoehorning. The way it's used there is, IMO, the definition of a well considered and designed system - It fits very with the game world / tone, mimics it's real world action / result and manages to heighten the experience.

    Sure, if a game has SIXAXIS elements thrown in just because it's there, then I see no fit, but if it adds something to the experience then why not use it?

    Yes Flower used the mechanic well, but TBH, I'd prefer to not have to play every other game, flailing my hands around like a kid losing a fight.
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