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    Bremenacht wrote:
    Look how big the Onesie controller is:

    It needs two people to operate it. Fuck Microsoft.

    Perhaps MS is tapping into the new fad of adding dogs in these next-gen games? That pad is big because it's probably not for human hands, it's designed for animal owners to enjoy co-op with their canine/feline family members :o.

    Perhaps that's MS's secret sauce this time around, they're going for the animal market to increase their user base! All those MS execs... they've been watching Scrooged:

    Frank: Yes, Preston?

    Preston: Do you know how many cats there are in this country?

    Frank: N-N...no, mmm...I don't have...no.

    Preston: 27 million. D'you know how many dogs?

    Frank: In America?

    Preston: 48 million. We spend 4 billion on pet food alone.

    Frank: Four...?!

    Preston: I have a study which shows that cats and dogs are beginning to watch television. If these scientists are right, we should start programming right now. Within 20 years, they could become steady viewers.

    Frank: Programming...for cats?

    Preston: Walk with me, Frank.

    Frank: (whispers to Grace) Call the police.

    Preston: I'm not saying build a whole show around animals. All I'm suggesting is we occasionally throw in a little pet appeal. Some birds, a squirrel...

    Frank: Mice.

    Preston: Mice, exactly. You remember Kojak and the lollipops? What about a cop that dangles string, that's his gimmick. Lots of quick random action. Frank, wasn't there a dormouse in "Scrooge"?

    Frank: No, but I always felt that it needed a dormouse.

    Preston: Dormice, better. Bingo!

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