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    Rhaegyr wrote:
    If anything needs rebooting it's Colony Wars - probably a bit too niche though.

    I can only dream of what a CW game would look like on the PS4...
    Yeah, that'd be pretty damn awesome! Definitely not enough console games set in space these days, especially space shooters, sadly.

    Roddles wrote:
    Descent 2 remake please!
    I don't think I ever played that, but I think I played the first Decent a bit round a friends house on PC. It was quite 'floaty' wasn't it :confused:?

    RobTheBuilder wrote:
    Ps1 era games that need a sequel/remake:

    Silent Bomber
    Motor Toon GP
    Penny racers

    I kind of remember that Silent Bomber was supposed to be ok, but the other two I'm not so sure about...:D

    Other PS1 era classics (at least the ones that I can remember...) I'd love to see triumphantly return next-gen:

    -Syphon Filter
    -Parasite Eve
    -Dino Crisis
    -Crash Team Racing type game - updated with various Sony characters.
    -Soul Reaver
    -Syndicate (proper version)
    -Hogs of War

    Anything else from the old PS back catalogue you lot feel deserves to be revived in next-gen shiny glory that *haven't been done in a while (*on consoles at least)?
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