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    vizzini wrote:
    Psiloc wrote:
    It was perfect to begin with - when there were far fewer items to display - but now it feels to me like its design can't cope with all the different types of data and it feels somewhat incoherent as a result.
    In its current form the XMB is a digital microfiche design. Saying it isnít great is like failing to recognise how awesome microfiche is at taking a multitude of problems and elegantly solving the size of data and efficiency access problem in one.

    Just adding a 3rd dimension enhancement for being able to show folders as transparent animated slides (like a better Music unlimited) for an XMBv2.0 revision is all it requires, to remain an awesome interface.

    This (like the new shitty PSN store) is just another situation where I despair with my fellow gamers seeing great things at such a surface level (with nonsense like the old US store was better) without considering the design problem and the resulting inefficiency and disorder of the alternative solutions we end up with.
    After Googling 'microfiche'... I think you need to Google 'microfiche'.

    But anyway, I think you're trying to say the flat design of XMB inherently makes it awesome, but making it a non-flat 3D design would make it even more awesome. Which is a bit of a silly position. Besides, different icons yanking you into totally different-looking parts of the UI was a big part of my original criticism.

    I think you need to clear up what you meant to be honest, and avoid the word 'microfiche'.

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