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    Has anyone pointed out that the first wave of games on consoles always are a bit of a disappointment graphically speaking?
    Yes, but it is still a bit dissappointing that the Wii U is yet to get a game on par with 7 year old consoles after being out nearly a year. I am hoping (expecting) that the PS4 and Xbox thingy will at least match the latest PS3 and 360 levels at launch, and improve that over time.
    Constant digs at the Wii U even in this thread. Zombi U, NSMBU, Nintendoland, Sonic Transformed, Pikmin 3, Zen Pinball, Trine, NFSMW etc. are all on par and some better than current gen.

    I'm sure graphics on the PS4 will be an improvement over PS3 but will look a bit rough when looked back on in 2 to 3 years.
    Zombi U looks like a launch 360 game, or even a good looking PS2 game. NSMBU is a 2d platformer that could be done on any console. The rest are on par. What is the game that could not be done on the PS3 graphics wise?
    Zombi U was probably a bad example (although atmosphere etc. are great) but PS2 yeah right, others on par, so you've just contradicted yourself. And that's my point, why write such negative tosh that simply isn't true. Anyway back to Wii U thread with this stuff.
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