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    @carlo ffs. All I am saying is most uk retailers, most of us have gone to game or shopto are doing the bundle for 399. They were doing the bundle for 399 as separate items. Now we get the bundle at the same price. If the game turns out, as shopto claim, not to be tradeable then that's a worse deal. And even your 389 deal is still shitty if it's not tradeable. I'm not wrong, I just have a different opinion than you. And I'm certainly not going to risk my preorder place to save 10 quid via a German retailer., for what will still likely be a poor value bundle. The mega bundle was the only great value deal out there. For the record, my bundle is 493. It was 493 with three boxed games. It's now 493 with two boxed games and a bundle. For that package it's probably still cheaper than your smug deal anyway. Still not what I preordered though because Sony are forcing bundles on retailers.

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