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    The launch line-ups look very solid, and I'm 100% sure things like Forza, Battlefield, Cowadoody and Assassin's Creed will receive 9s and above across the board. I'm just not interested in playing any of them though, personally, because I've pretty much already played them. Although it has to be said that I'm not that interested in most of the new stuff either. Knack, Watch Dogs, Ryse, etc... they all look dull, at least to my eyes.

    The best stuff at launch looks like it'll be on PSN. Resogun remains the game that I'm most excited about at launch, I'm sure N++ will be good and I'll almost certainly buy the tarted up re-release of Flower, given it's one of my favourite games from this generation. Some of the F2P stuff looks good too. I'll definetly give Planetside 2 and Warframe a go.
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