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  • marc_si 2 May 2012 21:40:49 324 posts
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    First android update has just been released -

    #3.4a - First Android Update
    Improve user input response on tablets
    Cosmetic tweaks to WVGA skin
    Add additional French club logo
    Add battery warning to user interface when battery falls below 10%
    Fix minor glitch with match odds news item
    Tuning of free agent transfers
    Fix rare pass count wrap display issue if player made over 128 passes in a match
    Allow users to force installation where disk space wrongly reported as too low
    Implement support for Android back button to be used as back button in-game
    Remove Close button to prevent exit crash on Samsung Galaxy SII
    Battery life optimizations
    Add warning if app is run on a device with inadequate resolution
    Welsh Manager Performance Award Fix
    Port Vale points deduction
    Fix rare issue in European comps if a minor club wins major competition
    Fix for JPT issue if a Conference club is promoted & qualifies for Europe
    Minor text fixes (grammar and translations)
    Improve the manner in which players react to bankruptcy
    Added apostrophe to keyboard
    Fix crash caused when interrupting scout search setup
    Implement 1280x720 resolution skin support
    Improve accuracy of required storage space calculation
    Fix very rare corruption of player history in long term saves
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