#8913617, By samk Deadlight

  • samk 6 Aug 2012 10:38:43 703 posts
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    After an initial period of loving the setting and thinking this was going to be great, it's quickly become a frustrating trial and error fest.

    I'm about 50% through it so far. The controls are sluggish. The melee is not remotely fun. The voice acting is terrible. I was having some fun aiming with the pistol, but then two minutes later they removed all my weps. The Ratman section with cliched spike traps is just silly. The helicopter chase bits took me about a dozen attempts apiece due to how sluggish the controls are. Visually it looks nice but I'm often losing platforms in all the background art.

    I'll still finish it, given how short it evidently is, but what a disappointment. :(
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