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  • Deleted user 26 May 2012 07:26:49
    Simple answer to original question should have been more along the lines of :

    1. Format PS3 HD
    2. Log into Sony account via PC and delete credit card details

    ..there's £2.02 in my Sony Wallet. I guess Sony will be keeping that. If all 35million Playstation 3 users walked away leaving £2 in their Sony Wallet, thats a nice £70 million for Sony. Not bad.

    I canít help but think, the next time I get into future gaming might possibly be when Playstation 4 + Gran Turismo arrives. My guess is, around 6 years time.

    As for current gen, thereís only 2 games Iím going to miss out on. The Last Guardian, which sounds like a doomed tech demo, reading between the lines, and The Last of Us, again it looks amazing, but how well will it really play ?

    I hope to pick up my Playstation 2 today as itís have a new laser fitted. Iím so looking forward to playing Silent Hill 2 again. I played and completed it back when it first arrived. Since then, my brain has all but erased 90 percent of it. Itíll feel like reading a good book for a second time. There hasnít been anything quite like Silent Hill 2 on Playstation 3.

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