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    I think you'll like Crysis 3 a lot in that case Phattso.

    The bottom line is, Crysis felt like a living breathing world which you were allowed to roam around and shoot people in, Crysis 2 felt as if, should you walk up to a building and kick really hard, it's fall over revealing a pile of balsa wood struts behind it. Of course the breadth of the maps in Crysis and the scope of ambition it set itself meant there were glitches, but I don't recall any of them being game breaking at all.

    I also believe that that switch of game design between 1 and 2 was dictated purely by the requirement to shoehorn the game onto consoles rather than any distillation of gameplay. With 3, they've clearly learned how to expand those limits and still keep it running well on consoles.

    Anyway, as I say, I think Crysis 3 largely gets the balance right - it looks however like there won't be quite enough of it to keep me going without resorting to hateful Multi-player! ;)
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