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    localnotail wrote:
    Nowt wrong with self-raising flour, sport.
    Apart from the fact it has a really short shelf like that is almost impossible to tell what that shelf life is, as most SR flours don't list it on them (they list the shelf life of the flour not the active ingredient) and that you can set or adjust the amount of raising agent in whatever it is your baking, and that most recipes you activate your raising agent with something like white wine vinegar in order to get a "true" rise.
    Also some self rising flours contain salt or other preservatives that will change the taste of your bakes and they generally have a finer grind to them than regular plain flour as the leavening agent isn't as strong/activated which can effect the texture of your crumb.

    But if you're just throwing together some scones, who cares? Other than the fact that you can just make SR flour from Plain by shoving in some baking powder/salt and avoid all of these potential issues, so yeah, nothing wrong with SR flour, but totally pointless to buy imo :)
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